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it's a world record!

Today in Chicago, at the Taste of Chicago, Vienna Beef assembled the world's longest hot dog, shattering the previous record (at last year's Taste of Chicago). Woot - Chicago knows how to rock the hot dog! ;-)

Read the article here.

Also from the article:

Fun Frankfurter Facts
-- Americans will enjoy 150 million hot dogs on July 4th alone and
consume more than 2 billion hot dogs during the rest of the month with
the summer's total at 7 billion.
-- Vienna Beef produces 750,000 hot dogs a day, using 60,000 pounds of
beef per day.
-- Chicago is home to 1,800 hot dog stands serving Vienna Beef - totaling
more than the top five major fast food chain outlets in Chicago
-- Chicago ranked No. 4 on the list of the top 10 US Hot Dog Eating
Cities in 2003.
-- The Chicago-style hot dog dates back to 1893 when two young immigrants
brought their frankfurter recipe from Austria-Hungary to Chicago's
World's Fair/Columbian Exposition. The newfangled hot dog sandwich
quickly became Chicago's favorite treat. It wasn't long before the
entire country discovered Vienna.
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