s.a.n.d.y (shes_a_knife) wrote in octodogs,


because we l.o.v.e hot dogs sosososo much...anytime we see a sign or a stand or a condiment or anything really that has to do with hot dogs...we're compelled to take a picture of it to share with you. and you all, being the hot dog lovers you are, should be out there doing the same.

dont let those hot-dog-stand-photo-opportunities pass you by!

sign at hound dogs at desert ridge

a couple hot dog stands at coachella....:

a mustard packet...spotted by lee-ann at coachella...:

and of course...our fabulous beanie-wienie-mobile...:

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Deleted comment

oh oh its magic.
Frankie of Arnaud's Remoulade in New Orleans.

A trumpet-playing hotdog??? Now that's hot.
awwwwwesome! that's way rad.

thanks for sharing!
Whoa! I have a Customer VIP Card to that Hound Dogs at Desert Ridge ;)

Pretty cool little group you have here. ...Entertaining to say the least.
oh man. i think i need to go get me one of them vip cards. thats way rad.

thanks for stopping by.
you should join.
its fun.
i swear.


June 10 2004, 12:54:19 UTC 12 years ago

I honestly think you people have no life once so ever i mean its great that you like hotdogs and all but your a little to obsessive over the whole thing. and your a little on the weird side... no offense or anything I mean who takes pictures of a mustard packet ummmm last time I checked no one does and your other live journals that have the octodog in it are a little weird. I know the person who invented the octodog and I think it was kind of wierd to make movies and stuff about it and you also made clothes now i think your really obsessed with them and you freak me out and I dont know how you come up with it but at least you have "one" other friend that can help you make these video, skits, pictures whatever you want to call them but at least you guys arent total losers but your imagintive with your ideas and some of the stories are kind of funny but i still think your weird and you will always freak me out. Thank you for reading my opinion and i hope your consider what i said
i'm sorry...are you talking?

are you aware that that made pretty much absolutely no sense whatsoever? oh wait...but we're the losers.

"once so ever"? could you please tell me what that means?

and our other livejournals that have the octodog in it? this is the only octodog journal we have.

and our "one" other friend who's helping us with these so called movies? first of all...we've never made a movie...and lasdjflsdkajflsjadf WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

i've consider what you said a complete waste of time.
why'd you even look us up?
and why is that you commented anonymously?
cause if you dont have a livejournal and you came to THIS one then um yeah you might want to really watch who you call a loser.

we'd like to do without the negative feedback because frankly (haha get it) we dont give a crap if other people dont like it.
maybe we're complete dorks but at least we're having fun.

thank you in advance for not coming back to this site.

Deleted comment



June 12 2004, 14:31:14 UTC 12 years ago

sorry that im not a freak and correct my spelling as i go along and do you really think that im the loser yea im sure you guys have fun with what you do but i have a shit load of friends and do you really think you burned me with what you said well no ya didnt so sorry about that
i'm sorry that you're not a freak and don't correct your spelling either. very sorry. good luck in life. and good job on that "shit load" of friends. just how many is that exactly? it wasn't our intent to "burn" you. YOU left the comment attempting to "burn" us by calling us losers in the first place. we were simply defending ourselves. now, go practice falling down and don't waste our time or yours for that matter by commenting here anymore.